October News

As we continue to experience what is one of the most beautiful fall seasons I can recall, I thought it would be great to share with you some helpful fall themed home care tips, family friendly activity ideas as well as seasonal selling advice in this month's newsletter.

Although the Calgary market continues to settle into a more balanced dynamic, we are still seeing stronger sales than we did pre-pandemic. Calgarians continue to have faith in the market and the value of investing in a home. Interesting to note, there is a lot of purchase activity currently in what we'd consider to be "entry level" home options like row homes and apartment-style condominiums. In fact, September saw record condominium sales and we are definitely seeing a much more balanced market for that style of home. This is exciting news for sellers as well as first time home buyers alike!

With this fall's warm days and sunny skies, it's hard to believe winter is likely just around around the corner. As a reminder, if you have been thinking of selling in the next year, I'll help you get your home pictures done before the snow comes - free of charge. Connect with me to learn more.


5 Tricks to Decorate Your Home Boo-tifully For Halloween

Listing your home around a holiday like Hallowe'en doesn't mean that you can't get into the "spirit "of things. But there are a few things to keep in mind while decorating to make sure you don't scare off potential buyers:

1) Keep it outside. Try to limit decorating to outside. Inside decorations can tend to look cluttered and may detract from the design features of your home.
2) Don't make it scary. This is not the year have zombies, spiders, skeletons or other spooky elements giving buyers a fright. Focus on friendlier options like jack o'lanterns or a pretty fall wreath on the door.
3) Be safe. Make sure decor isn't a potential tripping hazard on steps and walkways.
4) Moderation. Just like Halloween candy - sometimes less is more. If you are selling, consider scaling back the number of decorations used so that it doesn't leave an overwhelming first impression or .
5) Un-decorate as soon as Halloween is over. Be sure to compost the pumpkins to avoid any smells or unwanted critters. Pack up and put away any reusable decor items promptly.

By following these tips you are sure to make your home eerie-sistable to buyers!