February News

It's hard to believe we are already over a month into 2024. Based on January sales numbers, it looks like we are off to a strong start to the year with increases in prices already being seen, especially in homes priced over $700,000. All signs point to a busy spring for the Calgary market, so if you are thinking of listing, let me know and we can discuss what your best options are to maximize your opportunities.

In this month's newsletter, i'm sharing tips on keeping your home safe if you are heading off on holidays. I've also shared a design trend that is making a comeback. And in honour of Valentine's Day coming up, I have shared the Top 5 romantic movies (according to online sources, not me!). Finally, I take a quick look at the Calgary neighbourhoods that get top marks from active seniors (great options to consider if you or a loved one is looking to downsize!)

I look forward to connecting with you soon about any questions you might have about the market, communities, or listing.


Community Feature:

Best Neighbourhoods for Seniors

Calgary has so many wonderful communities - but some communities are better than others for certain segments of the population. For Seniors, this is especially true as many look to downsize while still staying active and social in their retirement. Here are the top 5 communities (according to Avenue Magazine) for those Calgarians in their golden years:

1) Mahogany: A highly walkable community, Mahogany offers a great amenity-rich lifestyle for active seniors including lock-and-leave condos, and a variety of independent living rentals.
2) Bridgeland: Easy to get around on foot or by transit, Bridgeland has lots of services, shops and parks, making it a great place for seniors to live. The local community association also offers numerous senior friendly programs.
3) Inglewood: One of Calgary's oldest communities, Inglewood has great access to transit, river pathways and great seniors programs at the Alexandra Centre Society.
4) Oakridge: Located in the southwest, Oakridge is wonderful for active, social seniors. They have accessible sailing programs through the Glenmore Sailing School, the Active Living Program at the Calgary JCC and Seniors programs through the SW55+ organization
5) Ogden: This south-east community is made up of primarily smaller townhomes, apartments and bungalows, which is perfect for seniors wanting to age in place. They also have a Seniors Community Centre that's been around for over 30 years!

It's Back! Wallpaper is making a comeback and here's why.

Wallpaper is becoming a popular choice again as homeowners look to it to add dimension and personality to their spaces. A lot has improved in wallpaper "tech over the last few decades too. It is much easier to apply than it was for our parents and grandparents - and it will be much simpler to remove than previous versions too, down the road when you wish to change it up again. Printing technologies have also changed making so many more colours, patterns and styles possible!

Wallpaper is a great way to add detail, character and a fresh look to a space. Are you considering adding wallpaper to your décor? Here are four of the top trends in wallpaper for 2024 to consider:

Top left: Mural wallpaper
Top right: Artist created wallpaper
Bottom Left: Ceiling wallpaper
Bottom Right: Heritage prints wallpaper (a modern twist on your grandparents wallpaper!)


Keeping Your Home Safe While You're Away

Do you have plans to go away this winter? It's so nice to escape for a week or two, maybe enjoy a nice beach vacation or cruise. What you don't want to do is have to worry about your home while you are gone - or worse, come back to a big problem. Here are some tips to follow to ensure your home is safe and sound while you are on holiday:

Don't leave your home all alone.
Most home insurers require someone checks on your home at least once every 48 to 72 hours. This can be a relative, a friend, a neighbour or you can hire a professional house sitter.

Give your home a good once-over before you go. Check to make sure the following things are a-okay:

  • Your heat is on at a suitable temp and working - experts recommend around 15 degrees C to balance energy efficiency with but protecting against pipes freezing
  • Your taps aren't running or dripping
  • The area around toilets, under sinks and the water heater show no evidence of leaks
  • You don't have water in the basement or main floor (especially if it has rained recently)
  • Windows and doors are securely closed and locked.
  • There is no damage to the exterior of your home from wind such as loose roofing or fallen branches
  • You've checked that your furnace intake/exhaust vents outside are clear of ice and snow
  • Consider unplugging any small appliances to avoid any problems while you are gone.
Make sure your mailbox is emptied (if you get home delivery). Ensure you have arranged for someone to come and check for flyers, mail and unexpected packages.

Don't forget to leave contact information for the person looking after your home while you are away. Include any key numbers they may need, including someone local who can assist them if a problem arises or they are suddenly unable to check on tthings for you.

By taking time to plan a little before getting away, you'll have peace of mind while you are on your vacation and are less likely to come home to costly problems and issues. Bon voyage! ✈️